Install The Bookmarklet

On a Desktop or Laptop Computer

The LinkLocker bookmarklet is a great way to clip content when you are using a browser which is unsupported by our browser extensions, or for use on a mobile device.

Just drag the below button up to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser (you may need to make this toolbar visible first in your browser's settings). Now, whenever you come across a link you’d like to save to LinkLocker, just click on that button in your browser's toolbar. The entry form will be pre-filled with all of the relevant content in many cases.

Clip to LinkLocker

On a Mobile Device

The simplest way to install the bookmarklet on your mobile phone or tablet is simply via bookmark sync with your desktop browser of choice. With browser syncing enabled, simply follow the above instructions on your computer, and the bookmarklet should sync to your phone / tablet automatically.

For cases in which the above does not work (or is not possible), follow the steps below:

Now, whenever you find a link you'd like to save to your LinkLocker account, simply navigate to your "Clip to Linklocker" bookmark, and our Content Clipper page will open, ready to accept data from the page you were viewing.