Hotel security at Caesar's Palace decided, in the wake of the Mandalay Bay massacre, that it was a good idea to conduct unannounced, random searches of guest rooms during DEF CON this weekend. Welcome to your Corporate Police State.

Now you're being surveilled in meatspace, too.

IBM researchers are presenting an AI-based malware approach at Black Hat. I would be very surprised if there aren't actual instances of "smart" malware like this already propagating in the wild.

Things We Don't Do: Excessive Logging

It's no secret that we're firm believers in the idea that our users' data is theirs alone, and that it should be kept private. Part of our overall privacy maintenance strategy is simply to avoid doing a lot of the really gross and/or stupid things tech companies typically do in order to show you ads, or to track your behavior for their own "learnings," etc. Because these sorts of things aren't always immediately obvious, we think it's important to spell out explicitly what it is we aren't doing. To that end, I'll be publishing a series of posts tagged "Things We Don't Do." For this first installment, I'd like to talk about our logging policies. Most services store a reference to everything you do, even when they don't have a good reason to do so. We store as little info about you as possible.

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