Current Safari Extension Won't Work in Safari 13

Safari 13 will be released soon; it will be bundled with MacOS 10.15 Catalina next month, and available via software update on older versions of MacOS. Safari 13 brings changes in the way that extensions work, and these changes will mean that our own Safari extension will no longer work.

We are working on a new extension that will be built to work with MacOS 10.15 and beyond, but due to the scope of the changes required in order to support new versions ...

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Between the story of Apple's admission that humans are listening to Siri queries and Amazon's collusion with local police departments in providing extrajudicial surveillance capabilities in exchange for government-run marketing's never been more apparent: putting an always-on recording device in your home is a bad idea.

It's Time to Get Angry About Facebook

It's been a very busy couple of months, and I haven't really been able to weigh in on the seemingly daily deluge of privacy scandals swirling around Facebook lately. You'd have to be living under a really, really heavy rock not to have heard about any of this, and you'd have to have rocks inside your head not to wonder why so very little is actually being done.

Why aren't we more mad? Probably because the effects of privacy breaches ...

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Sorry about the recent downtime--just routine maintenance that became complicated unexpectedly. We're back up and running.

We have received a few acquisition offers lately. LinkLocker is not for sale, and it never will be.

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