The Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement agencies must obtain a warrant in order to access a target's cellular location data. Now let's require warrants for all types of digital data. Baby steps.

2.0 is live! Everything seems to be working, but there will probably be a few bugs here and there. If you find any, let us know!

We will be able to support import from Chrome and Safari when 2.0 launches, in addition to the already planned support for Firefox and Xmarks. At this point we can more or less handle just about any kind of export file you can throw at us.

LinkLocker 2.0 Update & Short Downtime Event on Sunday

I am making the final preparations to launch LinkLocker 2.0 this Sunday afternoon. The site and service will see a (hopefully) brief period of scheduled downtime beginning at around 20:30 UTC (that's 1:30 PM here in the Pacific time zone) on Sunday, June 17. This downtime is by nature a planned event, and services will be restored as quickly as possible.

LinkLocker 2.0 is the biggest update the service has yet seen. It brings hierarchical categorization of links, Firefox and ...

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