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Privacy is the point.

LinkLocker is a lightweight bookmarking service with an emphasis on protecting your privacy. We share your data with exactly one party: you.

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Keep track of stuff.

LinkLocker is a fast and accessible place to save the content you care about. You can organize your links with categories and tags, and all data is searchable.

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Privacy is Priority #1

LinkLocker was built from the ground up with your privacy in mind. We literally don't even know your name.

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Tracking? Not here.

LinkLocker will never do anything with your personal information—we don't even store it. We think selling personal information is weird.

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"LinkLocker is [...] completely private, and the only person who can see your bookmarks is you. It's perfect." Alan Henry, Lifehacker


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Coming Soon:

  • Link Filtering: filter links with specific criteria
  • Bulk editing
  • Updated Safari Extension

Not a Social Network

LinkLocker has no social features, and provides no capacity by which to share your content with users of other services. It's meant to be a place to stash things for your own reference, rather than a platform on which to broadcast how cool you are.

LinkLocker takes your coolness as a given, and just stays out of your way. Store your data, retrieve it later, and keep on working. There are plenty of other places to share stuff with others.

Not Going Anywhere

We want to give you a private place to store your data for years to come. We believe that the best way to do that is to build a sustainable business from the ground up, without borrowing money or making vague, incomplete business plans.

It's all very simple: we provide you with a useful service, and in exchange you pay a very small fee. We will never show you any ads, or do anything weird behind your back. Because our relationship with you is one of simple give and take, the only thing we're incentivized to do is to make the service better. And no, we are not for sale.