Using Categories

Categories let you organize your links within a hierarchical tree-like structure.

About Categories

Categories are a bit unlike tags in that they are hierarchical: they can have an arbitrary number of subcategories—each of which can have its own subcategories—giving you the flexibility to organize your data in a tree-like structure with as much or as little complexity as you like.

Categories can be renamed, moved to be within a different category, or deleted entirely on a category's detail page. These detail pages can be reached from your master Categories list.

Categories can be added when saving a new link, or added later through the link editor.
Category editing controls. On the page for a specific category, you can rename the category, move it inside a different category, create a new child category, or delete the entire category altogether.

Tip: Categories can be combined with tags in interesting ways. For example: a link containing a recipe might be placed within a "FOOD" category for long-term reference, and marked for easy short-term reference with a tag called "make this weekend."