We store no personal information beyond an email address, and we delete all logs (which are anonymized to begin with) within five days of their creation.

The biggest privacy feature of LinkLocker is the fact that there is no social component, which I believe to be an automatic win. The Web is completely full of places where one can speak in the open, while there aren't as many places to quietly stash things for one's own personal use. I don't want to be completely in "public" at all times, and I believe there must be plenty of other people who share that feeling. This is one of my primary motivations for building the site.

Crazy, misogynistic zombie-trolls will just have to harangue you elsewhere, because no one can speak to you at all on this site.

Personally Identifiable Information

Other Privacy Features

As of today, June 24, 2024, we have never received warrants, gag orders, subpoenas, or other such requests from government or law enforcement agencies.

Still have questions?

Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any further questions, or if you believe you have found a privacy vulnerability. I will take any steps necessary to maintain the highest degree of privacy which is practicable.