Please Report Issues

I have added a new form through which you can make us aware of any bugs or issues you happen to see while using the site. Issues reported from that form will now be added directly to our issue tracking system.

Please do note that since data submitted here will be sent to us via a third party (so we can keep track of submitted issues using a software tool developed by a third-party vendor) entries to this form are not quite as private as ...

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Textual Interfaces Are Better

Most UI elements today are accessed as icons to be tapped or clicked upon, and I wonder if that's really the best idea we have. Nearly every UI concept can be boiled down to a word or two, and if not, logic can branch from there the way our own human language can. Text is just better in a lot of ways--our eyes just pass it to our brains faster. It's more accessible output in every sense of those words.

I am looking into updating the Safari extension to work with current versions of Safari and MacOS. The path forward wasn't clear for a while there, but hopefully I'll have some good news on this topic soon.

Bulk Deletion

I've long wanted to add a way to delete links in bulk, and I finally got around to adding that feature today. See the "BULK DELETE" button at the upper right on any page that lists a set of links.

I'm hoping to add more bulk editing functionality in the future. Stay tuned.

Current Safari Extension Won't Work in Safari 13

Safari 13 will be released soon; it will be bundled with MacOS 10.15 Catalina next month, and available via software update on older versions of MacOS. Safari 13 brings changes in the way that extensions work, and these changes will mean that our own Safari extension will no longer work.

We are working on a new extension that will be built to work with MacOS 10.15 and beyond, but due to the scope of the changes required in order to support new versions ...

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