Bulk Deletion

I've long wanted to add a way to delete links in bulk, and I finally got around to adding that feature today. See the "BULK DELETE" button at the upper right on any page that lists a set of links.

LinkLocker 2.0 Update & Short Downtime Event on Sunday

I am making the final preparations to launch LinkLocker 2.0 this Sunday afternoon. The site and service will see a (hopefully) brief period of scheduled downtime beginning at around 20:30 UTC (that's 1:30 PM here in the Pacific time zone) on Sunday, June 17. This downtime is by nature a planned event, and services will be restored as quickly as possible.

LinkLocker 2.0 is the biggest update the service has yet seen. It brings hierarchical categorization of links, Firefox and ...

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Working on Xmarks Import (And Something Else)

I did manage to get access to an Xmarks account, and I am going to try to get Xmarks import ready in time for that service's demise on May 1. In order to ensure that Xmarks users will find their data can be organized in a way they expect, I will also need to add a new feature to LinkLocker itself: a means of organizing links into categories. Adding a hierarchical categorization structure is probably good idea generally, and this situation with Xmarks provides ...

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LinkLocker API Now in Public Beta

Today we're releasing a public beta of the LinkLocker API. Authentication is handled by a straightforward and standard OAuth 2 implementation. All of the endpoints return easily parsable JSON, covering the full gamut of the service's features.

We believe the API is pretty stable at this point, but please do proceed with caution and lots of testing if you decide to start building some kind of public-facing app. If you should encounter any trouble along the way, please let us know!

Get a Discount & Give a Discount with the LinkLocker Referral Program

Our users are the best. To thank you all, today we are instituting a great new way to give your friends a discount toward a new subscription while also getting a discount for yourselves. Any time a new user signs up after visiting the site with your special referral link (which can be found on your new referrals page), both you and your referred user will get a credit for one month's subscription fee added to your accounts.

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