Import Bookmarks From Pinboard And Instapaper

If you're a Pinboard or Instapaper user, you can export your links and other data from those services and then easily import them into your LinkLocker account. Adding all your existing links is a great way to put the site through its paces if you're a beta user—in which case we love you. It's also a great way to go all in on LinkLocker and leave those other services which case we really love you. Just head to the import page if you're a TL;DR type, or read on if you'd like to know more about how this works.

Our importer will currently only accept Pinboard's JSON-formatted export files, and Instapaper's HTML exports. In the future, I imagine other services will be added, and we may support other data formats as well.

Before you can do the import, you'll need to grab the export file from the service in question. There are links on our import page to the areas on the other sites where data export can be initiated.

Once you have the file on your system (and all of this even works on iOS devices now, if you are using iCloud, Dropbox, or some other cloud service as a document provider), simply head over to the importer, select your file using the big purple "Choose" button, and then upload it with the other button. If everything works, your data should appear in your account within a few minutes.

Nota bene: as of this writing the site is very much in beta. While we have tested this feature a lot, it's entirely possible that you will encounter a problem of some kind. If this turns out to be the case, contact us and let us know!