New Features: Read Later & Pocket Import

Since our launch last month, the two most common requests have been for a "Read Later" feature and for the ability to import content from Pocket. We're happy to say that both of those features are live as of today.

The Read Later feature allows you to mark any of your links for later reading, either when creating or when editing the link in question (a new checkbox on the clipper / editor allows for this). When a link is so marked, it will show up in your list with a red link instead of the usual green, and the box surrounding it will be light yellow. This will help you visually distinguish your to-be-read links from the rest of your content. In addition, a new Read List page will display all of your links which are marked to be read. We think this is a great new feature and we're using it extensively ourselves. Give it a try!

As promised you can also now import your Pocket data on our Import page; just upload your Pocket export file and we'll do the rest. By the way, as a bonus, our importer now pulls read / unread status from all of the supported import formats, and properly records their Read Later status.

We want to thank our customers for giving us a try, and for sharing such great feedback. If there's some feature or behavior you'd like to see, don't hesitate at all to contact us. We're listening!