Personal Data Privacy Legislation Introduced in U.S. Senate

The office of Hawaii senator Brian Schatz announced the introduction of a broad national data privacy bill in the U.S. Senate, following California's lead:

Today, U.S. Senator Brian Schatz [...] led a group of 15 senators in introducing new legislation to protect people's personal data online. The Data Care Act would require websites, apps, and other online providers to take responsible steps to safeguard personal information and stop the misuse of users' data.

I'll reserve judgment on the actual implementation of the proposed law for now, until I can read it and get a better sense of what is being put forth--but it appears on first glance to be somewhat like Europe's GDPR law, and it appears that the EFF wants to offer its input to senator Schatz. These are reasons to be reasonably hopeful that we'll end up with a workable bill by the end of the legislative process.

But will Trump sign it? Will he still be the person who signs bills by the time this one lands on the big desk in the Oval Office?