RELEASE: version 0.3 (Beta)

This is a small release which fixes a number of bugs and UX issues, including:

  • A bug which prevented editing of links while in Safari's Private Browsing Mode
  • A bug in which duplicate links weren't being detected by the clipper
  • The link editor was failing to open while displaying duplicate link notifications in the clipper
  • Contact and beta sign-up forms no longer require users' names to be provided
  • A number of tweaks which focus input on specific form fields (search field is focus if nothing else, URL field focuses on add a link page, and tags field focuses in the clipper)
  • Security page edited for clarity (no policies have changed)
  • Line breaks now allowed in link descriptions

Thanks to all of the testers who have been providing input and feedback. If you aren't among them, please feel welcome to request an invitation.