Roadmap To Launch Day

We've been in beta for about 6 weeks or so now, and we've received a lot of great feedback from our beta users. It's unclear what our exact launch day will turn out to be, but we are getting closer all the time, and we think a date sometime this side of New Year's might be a reasonable enough guess. Time for an update on what's coming next, then, I suppose.

These are the things I'll be finishing up before launch:

  • Browser extensions for clipping content (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, if all goes according to plan)
  • Auto-complete tagging interface for the bookmarklet, the extensions, and the link editor
  • Payment management & boring business stuff
  • Boring sysadmin stuff (Curious? Ask!)

Along the way I'll also try and address any and all bugs, and who knows...maybe a small feature or two will be added in along the way. This ought to keep me busy enough until we go live, though, and should provide a pretty solid 1.0 of the service.

OK, back to work...