Senate Votes To Allow ISP's To Sell Your Data

The U.S. Senate voted yesterday to roll back FCC protections enacted this past October which would prevent your broadband ISP from selling your browsing history to advertisers. This news may have slipped through the cracks in all the hubbub over the health care bill, but it's a troubling vote in its own right and it deserves your attention if you are concerned about privacy.

Essentially, the vote (which is still pending a vote in the House as of this writing) eliminates regulations which would require service providers to obtain your permission before selling your data to advertisers. Comcast and Cox, among others, will now be able to put together extensive profiles about you and your interests and sell them to the highest bidder. It's disgusting.

There are many other issues to be concerned about right now, but in spite of all that I think a call to your congressperson about this is entirely a good idea.