Twitter Carefully Deliberates the Merits of the Obvious

Jack Dorsey reveals Twitter's huge new plans:

For the first time since the end of 2016, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shed some light on the company’s thoughts about building an edit button for tweets. Speaking at an event in India’s capital of New Delhi, he said that the company has to carefully consider use cases for the edit button before making it a reality – and it could potentially be tooled to help fix typos.

Dorsey might also consider formulating a sane business model in which Twitter's users are also its customers. Or, perhaps, he might consider making Twitter less of a haven for abusive, murder-threatening trolls. He might, conceivably, consider methods via which to prevent the use of his platform by hostile governments as a massive, global propaganda outlet.

But sure, Jack: please carefully consider the most boneheadedly obvious feature that text-based software might include. Please carefully do so for a decade while the world burns--in no small part resulting from the service you built.

Baby steps.