Why I Signed The Pledge is a pledge signed by employees of tech companies who are concerned about the immigration policies of the incoming presidential administration. The signatories of the pledge are committing themselves to honor safe and sane data retention practices, and generally not to take part in facilitating the creation of databases used for identifying individuals for targeting by the US government on grounds of race, religion, or national provenance. As of the moment I'm writing this, 2,288 tech employees have signed on. I have also signed it. Since I'm the managing partner of the LLC that runs LinkLocker, it's safe to say that our company as a whole has committed to these precepts and practices.

The pledge may at first seem a token gesture, or a facile form of pseudo-protest—but I believe it is important that we all keep a watchful eye on the way these issues are playing out, and I believe it's important to get on the record as saying that neither I nor LinkLocker will assist in gathering the sort of data that might facilitate mass deportations and / or the stifling of dissent.

So there you have it. I'm on the record.