Xmarks Is Dying; Help Me Build an Importer

Want a free lifetime LinkLocker subscription? Read on to find out how you can get one.

Another venerable bookmarking service has bitten the dust. Xmarks will shut down at the end of April 2018, according to LogMeIn—which acquired LastPass in 2015, which had in turn acquired Xmarks in 2010. Who could have guessed that a company bought by a company that was bought by another company might someday go away?1

We would love to welcome Xmarks users into the LinkLocker fold, but unfortunately LogMeIn has made it very hard for us to build an importer for exported Xmarks data. There is no documentation of the export format online anywhere, from what I can tell. What's more, they have disabled new I can't create a new account, add some data, and then export it in an effort to see how the data is structured. Disabling signups at this point is kind of a dick move for a lot of reasons, but perhaps chief among them is that it makes it harder for their users to take their own data with them to a new bookmarking service. If other services can't get a feel for their export format, exported user data is at best locked away uselessly in some kind of ugly HTML file or something. Bad form, LogMeIn. Very bad form.

If I can't get a look at Xmarks' data formatting, I won't be able to support importing it. The only workaround I can imagine would be for some giving soul to send me a sample file of some kind—preferably one that has been pared of any sensitive data you wouldn't want me looking at.

The first person who sends me an Xmarks export file that I can use for reference purposes will receive a free lifetime subscription to LinkLocker. Just drop me a line on the contact page, and I'll let you know where to send it.

Let's give Xmarks users a new home.

Update: I have found an Xmarks export file, and I'm working on an importer. Thanks to everyone who sent (or offered to send) export files!

  1. Kidding aside, this is exactly what you can expect when a service you use is acquired. As a reminder, LinkLocker will never be sold to some random third party, because we believe that your data is not ours to sell. Period.